BreitlingChronomat 808

Year of Production1965
Case Size37mm
Case MaterialSteel
Dial ColorBlack
Movement TypeManual


Breitling Chronomat 808 37,5mm Black Dial 9787 Breitling Watch Status - Stato Dell'Orologio: Used - Usato Mod - Modello: 808 Movement Status: Covered 12 months warranty Stato del Movimento: Coperto da 12 mesi di garanzia Glass Status - Stato del Vetro: Good - Buono Strap Status - Stato del Bracciale : Good - Buono Wrist Size - Misura Polso: Approximately - Approssimativamente: 19 cm Original strap - Cinturino Originale: NO PLEASE NOTE: you will get everything you see in the pictures. We ship with DHL Express. The Shipping is full insured. Delivery within 24 hours in Italy, within 48 hours to the EU countries, within 3-4 days to extra EU countries. Possibility to modify the delivery address while in transit. We accept returns within 14 days from the delivery date. Our goal is to select only watches that are in perfect condition and like new. The confirmation of our quality-oriented work and the satisfaction of our customers are our reviews. For additional info, please read our F.A.Q. below.FAQ: PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS BELOW FOR A CONSCIOUS PURCHASE (Buying the watch means you accept these rules) Q) Can I get additional pictures to check the real conditions of the watch? A) The pictures we publish show the real conditions of the watch. The pictures are taken by us and not downloaded from the internet. If you don't see defects, it just means there are no defects. We only select watches with condition near or like new. Even if we report "with signs of use", that doesn't necessary mean there are real signs of use. We report such sentence to adhere with the standard classification of Chrono24 for used watches. Contact us for more information. Q) Clarifications on the descriptions and pictures of the ads. A) The general rule is that the buyer will receive exactly what is shown in the listings’ pictures. If some elements in the listing’s description are discordant with what is shown in the pictures, please contact us for further clarification. D) Can I receive additional photos? A) Please consider that we publish more than 10 photos of each watch showing it up to 4 times its actual size. The listing's pictures were taken by us and faithfully represent the condition of the watch as we have it. If you look at the pics from a monitor you can zoom 4 times to check the details. If specific details are required, we are available to provide further photos of the parts indicated. Q) Notes on the general conditions of used watches. A) Please note that in the case of pre-owned watches, despite our full commitment to select watches in mint condition, a watch that is 10-15 years old cannot be expected to be new. So, for example, if there is a leather accessory in the kit, it could happen that the leather deteriorates, or that a screw may show the sign that it has been unscrewed. We select the object as a whole as being in the best condition considering its age, but we certainly cannot guarantee that every part of the watch and every accessory is new. Q) In addition to what I see in the photo, will I receive anything else? A) The buyer will receive everything he sees in the photo, the watch is the one in the photos, if there are films on a Rolex or Tudor watch , they will be removed before delivery. The links installed on the watch are the ones you will receive unless they appear in the photo of the accessories. Q) How can I be sure I get what I see? A) Through the Chrono24 portal you are fully guaranteed to receive what is offered for sale. If you do not receive the watch you will be refunded the amount paid in full. If it is not in line with your expectations, you can return it for a refund. You will only be responsible for the cost of returning the item. Refunds will only be available after returning the watch Q) Bracelet/Strap size A) In general, conventionally, the description "strap size" indicates the wrist size the watch would fit on. The description of the bracelet size aims at providing customers with an idea of how the watch would fit. Please contact us if you need to know the exact measure. Q) Can you adjust the bracelet of the watch to my size? A) Yes, we can do it, just tell us the size of your wrist. If, following the purchase, additional links are required to wear the bracelet, we cannot offer them for free. Q) Regarding the size of the bracelet. A) Please note that the watch will be supplied with the links shown in the photos and the size we give as the wearability of the watch is indicative. Each customer is invited to contact us before purchasing to check if the watch fits given the size of the wrist. After receiving the watch, we won’t accept complaints regarding the size of the bracelet. Note: for new or unworn watches, in the event of a return, the product must be intact and in the same condition in which it was shipped at the time of purchase. In the event of signs of wear or damage, compensation equal to the damage caused could be deducted. Q) Do you know Production Year ? A) No only the manufacturer know about it. Q) Can I know the year of the watch? A) If the year is not shown in the advertisement it is because we do not know it and the date on the guarantee has not been reported. For watches without a guarantee, the year is approximate Q) Information on purchasing/production year A) When the warranty is not dated, we indicate an approximate production year in the listing’s description based on the serial number. That approximate year is not a binding information on the sale contract. Q) If I buy a new Rolex or Tudor will I receive it with films and tags? A) No, the films from 2018 are removed from every watch in the group, the tag is not delivered. D) Are you official dealers? A) No, we are not official dealers, our company deals with unworn and unworn watches. Q) Are your shipments insured? A) yes, all our shipments are insured for the full value of the watch. We ship out watches every day from Monday to Thursday Q) Can you ship watches with straps made of exotic leather outside the European Union? A) If the watch has an exotic leather strap, it will be removed. The strap does not have ""CITES"" certificate which is necessary for import/export procedure, therefore the watch can only be shipped if the strap is detached from the watch. (The buckle and strap pins will be shipped with the item.) Q) do I replace a band Leather band if Used? A) Yes we advice you to replace all the leather band signed as used to respect Covid Indications Q) Have the watches been tested and in working order? A) Yes, all the watches are guaranteed, they are completely original and of lawful origin. Each watch is tested before shipment and we guarantee 12 months of correct functioning. Q) What is covered by our warranty? A) Our warranty covers eventual malfunctioning of the movement. Should the watch have any problems, during the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge. The warranty is offered in our laboratory in Italy. In order to take advantage of the assistance, the watch must be sent, at the expense of the buyer, to our headquarters. Problems related to improper use of the watch are excluded from the warranty. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by water infiltration or flooding. Our warranty does not apply to new watches, in that case we will refer to the manufacturer who generally offers international warranty. Please note that the performance of the movement and the power reserve of used watches may differ from the values declared by the Manufacturer for new watches, and also depend on how the watch is used. However, we guarantee that the performance of the used watches falls within the values declared by the COSC. Q) Clarifications on watches water resistance. A) All chronograph watches with pump buttons and watches with screwless buttons are to be considered water resistant to 30 meters / 3Bar / 3ATM. Water resistance is referred to as Bar (air pressure), ATM (atmospheres) or meters. When indicating that a watch is waterproof, this is often indicated in meters. The higher the number of meters, the more waterproof the watch is. But don't take the number of meters literally! It actually indicates how much pressure the watch can withstand. A watch with a water resistance of 50 meters / 5Bar / 5ATM is not suitable for swimming because a possible dive or the simple movement of the arms could result in a pressure higher than 5ATM on the components of the watch (at most you can wear it to take a shower). For further information and clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. Waterproof ratings No marking, not waterproof = the watch must also be protected from splash water, it must not get wet. 3 ATM = limited waterproof, splash-proof: The watch is protected from splashes such as rain, must not be immersed in water, and must not be used in swimming or sauna. 5 ATM = limited waterproof: The watch can be used in humid conditions, eg in surface water. In principle, you can swim, but it is not recommended. Can be worn in a shower. 10 ATM = waterproof: suitable for surface swimming and snorkeling, not scuba diving. Unless there is a waterproof test receipt shown in the listing's photos or in the description, the watch is sold as non-waterproof. The water resistance statement on Chrono24's listings represent the manufacturer's declaration for the reference in question at the time of manufacture. This may differ from current performance of the watch, especially for pre-owned watches. For this reason, if you intend to use the watch for water sports or similar activities, you should request a water resistance test before doing so. The test can be requested to us or to a trusted watchmaker. Even if the watch has passed the water resistance test, we always recommend checking that the crown is fully closed to ensure the seal resistance under pressure. Q) About the box conditions. A) When the condition of the used watch box is indicated as “good” or "damaged", please note that the box may show signs of wear due to the deterioration of the material over time. In particular, some Omega leather and some IWC boxes deteriorate over time, no matter the storage conditions. If the condition of the box is decisive for the choice of purchasing the watch, please contact us to request more information or photos. Q) Where are the watches physically stocked? A) All our watches immediately available are in our stock in Italy. Those watches are shipped from Italy and there are no additional costs (i.e. import duty, VAT) if you buy from Europe. Q) Clarifications on NOS watches (new old stock) A) All watches advertised as NOS (new old stock) may have imperfections due to the natural deterioration of materials (e.g. leather or tritium components). The conditions of NOS watches cannot be considered equal to a new model of recent manufacture, the real added value is in the fact that the watch has never been used but the actual age of the watch must always be taken into account. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Chronomat - 808